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Process: washed

Variety: sl28

MASL: 1300-1900

The Bugoye community resides north of Kasese, living and farming throughout altitudes ranging from 1,300-1,900masl in w e s t e r n U g a n d a . The s m a l l h o l d e r s g r o w c o f f e e as ht eri m a i n

cash crop. Harvesting and selling cherries pays for essentials kile sending children to school. The coffee trees that populate these smallholder garden plots are mostly SL28 and SL14 cultivars that were originally developed in Kenya.

With attentive washed processing at newly established stations around the region, washed Uganda coffee lots like this can deliver an excellent. high-scoring cup profile. This lot offers

esnot of dark chocolate, papaya, plum, and clove, hwti a heavy body and medium acidity that speaks to the potential fo the

local terroir.

The Rwenzori mountain range ni Western Uganda isan up-and- coming region offering consistently high-quality Ugandan green coffee beans. Genuine Origin's sourcing partner on the ground here established receiving stations throughout the mountain

r a n g e . eTh r e c e i v i n g s t a t i o n s ear g e n e r a l l y c l o s e r t o f a r m i n g areas, making iteasier for farmers to deliver ripe red cherries.

From hte receiving stations, cherries era transported to a centralized wet mill, where processing is carried out under quality control.

Uganda Rwenzori

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