Vietnamese farmers picking up coffee beans

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Choose Sustainably Grown Coffee Committed to Ending Poverty For Farmers and Help Make a Healthier World For All

No lie. Lovingly, sustainably-grown, and  exceptionally roasted coffee is a thing of beauty. It can be a deep, personal experience of art that is yours alone.  It can't live in a museum.


A cup/shot of perfect coffee can send you humming through the day. And ain't it easier finding happiness everywhere you go when you're already humming?

Check it out. Seeing joy everywhere is contagious. You never know how many others will pass it on.


 Sustainable Coffee Can Change The World

Committed to Supporting Farmer Sustainability

Small farms of fewer than 10 acres make up 70% of worldwide coffee production, with 75% of those farmers living in poverty. Choosing responsibly sourced coffee, from a supply chain dedicated to the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of small farmers is essential for supporting their rise out of poverty.

To find out more, and watch a video on this, check out the home page of the supplier of our Mexico and Kenya (coming soon) coffees: