At Compa Coffee Roasters, our mission is to source and roast the best coffee on the planet.  Through all aspects of the coffee-loving experience, we aim to better the lives of those around us as well as build long-lasting friendships and relationships. 


We are a son-and-father team that started in the retail coffee business when we first opened Hawthorn Coffee in 2015. While we love coffee done right, we love people more. Bringing together everything needed to create the most sublime experience possible is what we're about. You can't do that without love.  We are proud of the diverse, supportive, ever-changing community that Hawthorn Coffee has become, and are very proud to bring that love and excitement into the beans we roast. 


While honoring the roots, we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to experience coffee.

Compa Coffee Roasters is our small-batch, specialty coffee-focused roastery dedicated to furthering the craft of roasting specialty coffee.  Our roasting philosophy is simple; we are sourcing an amazing product and our goal in roasting is to allow that product to speak for itself.  Our mission is to enhanced not overpower, the exquisite natural flavors that coffee can be.  


We are excited to share with you our passion and our craft. Thanks for visiting!