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We're a son-and-father coffee company exploring the fine art of roasting, and the even finer art of service, kindness, welcoming, and uplifting/sharing in a retail shop.  We opened Hawthorn Coffee in 2015, and are proud of the diverse, supportive, ever-changing community that Hawthorn Coffee has become, and we bring that love and excitement into the beans we roast. 


We love coffee, but our love for people is why we do this, and anything else in life. Bringing together all needed to create the most sublime experience possible is what we're about - you can't do that without love. An artfully-roasted, finely-crafted coffee is an inspiration - the search of bringing together and harmonizing all the exceptional elements that make a perfect cup, is also the practice in life we use to help us remember how to act in every situation, in whatever comes our way.

At Compa Coffee Roasters, we strive to source and roast the best, sustainable, naturally-farmed and loved coffee on the planet.  We firmly believe that what you put into coffee, and anything else, will greatly affect what you derive and get out of it.  Thanks for dropping by.  Enjoy the coffee!


Email us with any thoughts. We'd love to hear from you. 


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DYLAN REDMOND, co-owner, head roaster, the boss, the leader, the heart, the soul, the inspiration for how we approach Service from the Heart every day.  With a long history in restaurants/bars and surfing before coffee, his knowledge and wisdom of how to find solutions, quickly transform conflict by finding the core, keeps all happy and healthy, especially through the covid ups-and-downs we all were thrown into. Excellent at finding ways through things, helps us all drop drama, and get back to what really matters.


KEVIN REDMOND, co-owner, builder, fixer, ristretto lover. Believes how we create, what we put into everything, is more important than what we do, and can be felt for years after.  He and Dylan feel form and design should follow function, and since all function can arise from love and being of service, then that's what it's all about. 


J FREEDMAN, Big J, director of coffee, assistant roaster, and our hustler of hospitality. Jay went from fighting fires to firing shots during the rush- and now appreciates the details on bar and in service. Our house photographer, videographer, and director of social media- Jay can often be found either in front or behind a camera. 



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